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June 2, 2011

The Airborne Toxic Event-Sometime Around Midnight

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Read it and weep … LYRICS: And it begins … Sometime around midnight, or at least that's when you lose yourself for a minute or two, as you are … Under the Barlights And the band plays a song about forgetting you for a while and the piano, the melancholy sound check for her smile and the white dress she wears them they already have not seen for a while But you know it … That they watch you laughing, she's turning to her tonic like a cross keeps the room suddenly goes Spinand asks how you are so you can smell her perfume you can see her naked in your arms and there is a change … In your emotions and all these memories come rushing like wild waves, embrace your thoughts with the curl of your bodies like two perfect circles and make you feel hopeless and homeless and lost in the haze of the wine and it goes … With someone you do not know, but it ensures that you saw them you look right at you and bolts As she goes door your blood boiling yourStomach and ropes, if your friends say what it is you saw it as a ghost, and see you go … Under the streetlights And you're too drunk to notice that everyone at you stare and you care so what you look like the world around you fall You have to see it, you see You just need her You just have to see only they have seen you just have to see, and you know they up in two

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